RapidGems is the design & innovations studio of RapidValue Inc, based out of Dallas, Texas.

 RapidGems is formed by a group of artists who design, tell stories, and create meaningful digital experiences. Art & Design is our passion, an instinct and we ensure creativity has a synonym, RapidGems . We look ahead to the digital future and design for tomorrow. A distinct appearance, simple set of characteristics, it can be colors , work of art, we give your brand the image it requires. 

Our Strengths & Capabilities

We accept challenges to be the partisans/stalwarts in the transforming digital world

Data Analysis, Quantitative Research, User Flow, User Personas, Usability Testing, Wireframing & Prototyping

Business Strategy, User Experience Design, Visual Design, Brand & Communications, Creative Direction, Visual Identity & Assets

Data Visualization , Motion Graphics & Animation, Art Production, Interaction Design, Branding Style Guides


Meet The Team


Snippets from our studio

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